Natural Stone in the interior and exterior


Product quality and desire to implement complex ideas - these are things AKMI is famous about in all Europe. We have already entered not only Baltic countries market, but also the Russian Federation and European Union markets. We export more than 80 percent of production.


Our products are elite manufactures of marble, granite, onyx, travertine, sandstone and limestone. Most of our production is being used to construct luxurious offices and residential buildings. With the most advanced computerized design and manufacturing techniques, nearly two decades of experience, skilled workers and administrative-technical personnel we are able to carry out the most complicated projects with natural stone.


Give customers a stylish, high quality, reliably equipped, ensuring uniqueness, harmony, and with impeccable aesthetics products. Because of close cooperation with designers and clients more and more perfect realization of specific architectural ideas.

We appreciate quality, cooperation and exclusivity.

• Quality. Although AKMI is capable of producing 10,000 m2 of production per month, we pay more attention to quality than quantity. We understand quality not only as characteristics of the products used in compliance with technical regulations and standards. We also provide service, warranty and post-warranty service – the quality of customer relationship is an integral part of our corporate activities.

• Cooperation. In order to maintain the target quality level, we explore objects in specifics, trying to understand customer needs and strive to meet all of the designer's ideas. All this is being achieved because of close cooperation between customers or their representatives and our qualified staff.

• Exclusivity. Building exterior and interior we implement natural stone with wide choice of surfaces, shapes, configurations and a variety of technical solutions. The most advanced stone processing technology allows us to adapt to the exclusive designers and clients style and taste.

Social responsibility

AKMI understand the importance of social responsibility, and responses to public needs. Our staff isn’t changing constantly, it is stable and it shows that we are paying attention to current and future employees. AKMI has a transparent business policy, when making a decision we consider not only economic but also social criteria.